Terms of Use

Your usage of Zexacode Website and Applications is governed by the following Terms of use.

1.1 Introduction

The Terms and conditions hereinafter referred to as “TERMS OF USE”  are a set of binding conditions set by Zexacode Technologies LLP , or Zexacode in short, is  referred to as “WE” or “US” or “OUR“.  Your usage of the website www.zexacode.com and any of its Units and Subdomains and any of its Android and/or iOS Applications implies your decision to follow and abide by these Terms of Use. Kindly do not use the website or any of its subdomains or any of its applications without first going through this Terms of Use carefully.

Any person logging in to our website www.zexacode.com and/or its Applications shall be referred to as the “USER“, “CUSTOMER” or “CLIENT” and will be presumed to be visitors to our website and applications and have read this Terms of use properly and this document will stand between both these parties as agreed on.

1.2 Provision of services:

(A) Zexacode provides the following commission-based services through different business partners through it’s flagship system ZexaPay, available through www.zexapay.in

  1. Prepaid Mobile recharges and activation
  2. Post-Paid Mobile recharges and activation
  3. DTH recharges and activations
  4.  FasTag recharges and activations
  5. Bill Payments like Electricity Bill Payments, Post Paid Telecom Bills, Water Bills, Gas Bills, etc, through BBPS (Bharat Bill Payment System) core network service and through recognized and affiliated Bill-Payment partners.
  6. Insurance and EMI payment solution through authorized partners
  7. School/College Admission Fee and/or Tuition Fee payment facilities through authorized partners
  8. Utility products through online store managed by authorized partners

(B) Zexacode provides Training, Teaching and Mentoring and different Industry-Grade  courses in various technical fields such as

  1. Web Designing
  2. Python Programming
  3. React Application Development
  4. Android Application Development
  5. Basic Electronics
  6. Basic Robotics and Automation
  7. Electric Automobiles  etc.

(C) Zexacode offers a marketplace  through its website www.zexacode.com for the following products:

  1. PoS Systems
  2. LED Lighting Systems
  3. Sound and Music Systems
  4. Smart Toys
  5. Home Automation System
  6. LED Signboards and Display Systems
  7. Different Software Products
  8. Drivers related to the Hardware Products

1.2 Use of services by user:

By the use of the above-mentioned services, as per all groups (A), (B) & (C)  you agree to the following:

  1. You will only make financial transactions through this website: www.zexacode.com and through links sent through our Banking Partner  RazorPay through their website www.razorpay.com and not through any other website.
  2. For payments of any other unit, such as ZexaPay or ZexaIOT etc, you will be redirected to Zexacode website for the necessary payment.
  3. You will not pay any unauthorized people without inspecting their authorized Merchant Identities. Zexacode and it’s units will not be held responsible for payments made to unauthorized bodies. Please stay safe from scammers and fraudsters.
  4. For recharges and Bill-Payments, the commission received by you is subjected to change and revisions
  5. You cannot claim any fixed amount on any transactions until that amount is decided by Zexacode and its units.
  6. Zexacode is not liable to refund any Recharge and Bill payment successful transactions
  7. You are advised to check and verify the accuracy of account numbers, consumer numbers, mobile numbers, DTH numbers carefully for the exact customer/client of yours before making any transaction. Zexacode will not be held responsible if you mistakenly do a transaction on the wrong number and you cannot ask for a reversal or a refund for such transactions.
  8. You are advised to keep a record of any money deposited to Zexacode  Bank Accounts or any of its units. You must keep copies of deposit slips, or screenshots of successful transactions to eradicate any issues in the future. Also, please note down UTR and Transaction numbers before approaching support and help-desk.
  9. We do not refund money deposited in your account unless you decide to close your account. Pre-closure of your account and termination of the same will incur Pre-Closure charges at the rate of 4.3% of the amount in concern.
  10. We are responsible to reverse all failed transactions to your account within 48 working hours without any interest on the failed transaction whatsoever.
  11. All our receiving payments are conducted through third-party payment gateways such as our official partner which is Razorpay and they are regulated  by their own Privacy Policies and Terms of use. You are hereby advised to go through their Terms of use before conducting any transaction through third-party payment gateway partners.
  12. You agree to the storage of cookies and use of your information such as identity verification as defined in our Privacy Policy
  13. We do not share, sell or disclose any vital pieces of your identity information to any third party or in open and public environments.

1.3 Records of your activity

We keep logs of your activity across our systems. This information includes the following data:

  1. Your name, username, and other personal data as provided to us during registration
  2. Your browser name and version
  3. Your Geological location including IP Address
  4. Your screen resolution
  5. Your operating system and version
  6. Your time of access and duration of access
  7. Transactions you conducted through our systems
  8. Activities such as change of your password, user add, update, suspension, etc by you
  9. Activities such as Payment Requests, Ticket Requests, Support chat, and other media shared by you through our systems.
  10. The consumer numbers, mobile numbers, account numbers, etc as conducted through financial transactions through you.

However, we do not save any card numbers, CVV, or any UPI IDs and any other such Banking Information relating to you in our system.

By use of our systems, you agree to let us use the above-mentioned data for the smooth running of the website and applications as mentioned herein.

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