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By using our website and by making a purchase on our website or on an external website as redirected by us, you will abide by the following Terms & Conditions;

Please read this carefully before using or making a purchase.

Your usage of the website and all purchases made through this website are subjected to the following Terms and Conditions.

  1. You will agree to let us save important cookies and sessions in your local browser so that a course can be assigned to you and a financial transaction can be made.
  2. We never use your personal or business information including your address, contact information, or Banking information for any other purposes other than providing an academic course. We do not sell such information to any third party, so you can be rest assured about that.
  3. We save your information such as Personal Information, contact information, and course details on our server. but we don’t save any banking details such as Card Number or CVV on our server.
  4. All your Banking Transactions are carried out by our banking partner, ‘RazorPay‘ at https://razorpay.com/.  Please visit their Privacy Disclosure, Terms and conditions, and Responsible Disclosure Pages and read those carefully before conducting any purchase.
  5. You agree that you will read all details regarding a course and make necessary inquiries regarding the course with our academic consultant before making a purchase.
  6. Minimum 70% attendance is required to sit for an exam. Your certification can be delayed for insufficient attendance records.
  7.  We provide online classes for a few courses. All other practical training is conducted in conformity to the Standard Operating protocols as set by the Government due to the Covid19 Pandemic.
  8. Some of the Computer Courses will not be certified without Practical Exams and we reserve the right to disqualify a candidate if his/her Practical Exams have been disqualified or invalidated. In that case, the student has to pay the exam fees to re-appear in the tests.
  9.  Please keep in mind that some of our courses are offered on a “Seat-wise-basis” are governed by merit lists for that particular course. Therefore, before providing you admission to such a course, we might have to verify your eligibility or conduct an interview. We will reserve the right to decline or forfeit your seat based on any of the following
  • False information is provided for admission
  • Insufficient eligibility for the course
  • Failed Interview or Entrance Examinations
  • Outstanding payments for more than 60 days
  • Misbehavior/Misconduct towards teachers, staff, and other fellow students
  • Found legally guilty in any lawsuits or the like

For more information, you may write to:

or Call at: +91-99548-17702

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