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Unmatched Quality

We at Zexacode make sure you get the best of all products be it an Electric Bulb or a piece of Software. Every product is a result of intensive R&D and strict control over production quality.


Our range of LED lighting offers robust build quality at affordable prices.

Audio Systems

Nurture your flair for music with our wide range of Audio Systems.

Smart Toys

Enthrall & Ignite your kids imagination with our revolutionary smart toys.


Our Cloud Software range provides you with unimaginable digital power.

Electric & Electronic Products

RadiGen 7w

RadiGen 7w LED bulb produces around 430 lumens of light and is targeted at room sizes of 10ft x 10ft and is suitable for reading purposes.

RadiGen 9w

RadiGen 9w LED bulb produces around 800 lumens of light and is sufficient for room sizes of 12ft x 18ft and is sufficient to light up homes.

RadiGen T-Bulb 12w

The RadiGen 12w T-Bulb is targeted at larger interiors such as restaurants and shopping malls that require bighter lighting

RadiGen MusicMax DJ

The RadiGen MusicMax DJ is a trolley ready 1200w PMPO Dolby Sound System complete with a DJ set to blast off your party with the latest hits.

RadiGen DesiBox

RadiGen Desic Box is a 500w PMPO Music System designed to partner with your smartphone through bluetooth and rock the party.

Kids Car

This battery-operated kids car is safe for kids aged 6 to 14. Built with safety in mind, this toy is fully steerable and can carry a kid



VarosaPOS is our flagship POS software that integrates hardware sensing to a cloud environment.


ZexaTrack is our falgship home automation software that comes bundled with a mobile app


ZexaPay our flagship utility bills and invoice payment software with DMT facility.


We at Zexacode Technologies provide 100% skill-based training & mentoring to budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. The trainings range from Website Development, Application Development, Programming IoT devices, Robotics, and Hands-on training on EVs.

Get in touch with us today to get trained and certified by one of the major start-up in Assam.

Web Development

Learn professional website development within a very short period of time and start building websites for your customers.


Android App Development

Develop Android applications and begin your entrepreneurship journey in this world of technology and start earning through your apps.

Web Application Development

Create amazing Web Applications in world class technology platforms such as PHP, React, Vue & Node JS. Use frameworks such as SlimPHP and learn REST API through this training.

Robotics & IoT

Learn the basics of Microcontroller Programming and build your own Robots and IoT devices and communicate with them through the internet.

Why Choose Us?

We don’t sell products. We sell values. Every single item is backed by a team of engineers dedicating their expertise, dedication, commitment and a set of emotions for the well being of the society.

Better Quality

Feel the quality in every item that make our peers awestruck in zeal.

Better Service

Have peace of mind while we work for you 24x7, 365 days a year!

Better Price

Why spend more when you get the same quality at lower prices?

Better Technology

Be a part of the changing future with the newest & best innovations.